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HM Metal Buildings

HM is a tubular frame building company providing quality metal structures at competitive prices. The engineering, quality and service is second to none.

  • Pricing:$2,000 - $40,000
  • Lead Times:2-4 Weeks
  • Sizes:Up to 60' Wide
  • Types:5
  • Financing:Rent to Own
  • Details:See Below

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    Industry leading engineering from HM provides you with state-of-the-art structures up to 60' wide and 20' tall. With multiple configurations and options available, Pooles Buildings will guide you through the selection process to ensure that you get the right building for your needs.

    HM buildings are designed, built, and installed by hand selected crews. This ensures consistency, reliability and unsurpassed quality. Choose your metal building from one of the most experienced and well-trusted manufacturers in the country. All buildings are Made in America.

    29 Guage Metal Panels Built to Engineered Specifications
    14 Guage 2.5" Framing Certified for 140 MPH Wind
    Center Peak Bracing Certified for up to 35 PSF Snow Load
    4 Corner Braces Fully Braced
    Additional Options Available Certified Anchoring
    Building Types
    Fully Enclosed Residential, Commercial, Industrial - Many Window, Door and Roof options
    Carports Wide range of sizes and options - including "Drive Thru"
    Barns Livestock, Farming, Lawn and Garden
    Clear Span Strong truss system for full clearance overhead. Industrial, storage and warehousing
    Custom Structures RV Storage, Workshops, Canopies, Free Standing Lean-To, whatever your requirements
    Commercial Offices Vehicle Dealerships
    Repair Shops Storage Facilities
    Farm Equipment Construction Equipment
    Repair Shops Automotive Garages
    Hobby Shops Welding Shops
    RV Garage Boat Shop/Storage

    Steel doesn't rot and termites don't like it. Fire Resistant.


    Low initial pricing with easy maintenance equals a low total cost of ownership.

    Easy Cleaning

    An occasional power wash with soap and water does the job.

    Foundation Options

    Your choice of using Level Ground, Asphalt, Concrete, or Crushed Stone.